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SheerTech          Industrial Animation & Design
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A long history of studying the dynamics of innovation has

shown repeatedly it can be very difficult to get established

companies in a particular market to cross-pollinate

technologies outside their expertise.  This can lead many

to the mistaken belief that incremental technological

evolution is the only road open to a well established


Indeed technological stability is an important factor in

maintaining predictability and profitability in the

marketplace.  This dual nature to business innovation can

lead to a kind of corporate multiple personality disorder,

with management having the tough job of preserving the

low cost current technology and somehow promoting the

new untested replacements. 

Industrial Design

Sheer Technology was founded to help provide a solution to these divergent views by engaging in product development that incorporates components from the old and new technology found in a particular marketplace.  By modeling its operations on examples found in nature and previous successful corporate product development, Sheer Technology provides an incubator for disruptive technologies to enter established markets.  The corporate culture and knowhow for this type of operation can be seen in the backgrounds and achievements of its founders.   

Industrial Animation

Sheer Technology can support your own internal product design and development group.  Using our internal skills and talents to provide technical graphics, logos, illustrations, 3D models, and presentations that allow you to promote and demonstrate your products or services to potential customers.   Even before any plastic or metal is cut our animation skills can show a product working in its intended environment or marketplace.  Your customers and employees can evaluate performance and give feedback to help design out early concepts and improve your chances of market success.
Using our talents and your concept designs our team will help bring your product concepts to final completion
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