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We focus on new applied technological solutions to known environmental problems, largely by pulling together existing technology and products in new and novel ways to reduce overall risk, development and start-up costs.  We are firm believers in the power of the market, and seek to find the fastest, lowest cost methods and highest economic return solutions to address major environmental problems and opportunities.   All of our projects begin with identifiable customers and an unmet need. With Scottish and Dutch roots, we aspire to keep operating overhead to a minimum, utilizing part time resources whenever possible and using “garage level skunk-works” at the beginning of every innovation project. While the lowest cost methods will be used to develop your first prototype invention(s), we understand the need for rigorous product, process and quality engineering in order to develop market-ready and market-desired products.  Once products are proven at the prototype stage, we work with your market-oriented teams to build market-ready products, and these teams usually involve early adopter end-user customers, distribution, manufacturing, supply and other market channel partners appropriate for the exploitation of the technology in each market segment.    We have an excellent track record of combining new and old technologies to open doors in untapped markets.  Contact us and let’s start the product development cycle together.
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