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SheerTech          Industrial Animation & Design Starfish Underwater Drone
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The world first underwater DRONE

Starfish is an underwater tethered robot that can search, grapple and retrieve objects from lake, river and ocean floors.   It can be used to explore the underwater realm, retrieve items lost overboard from your boat, anchor a boat to underwater mooring or inspect the inside of pipes and other enclosed underwater environments.   Future versions can be scaled up to recover heavy objects from the ocean depths and future untethered Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) versions are on the drawing board.

The Goal: is to enable anyone to explore, find and retrieve objects of up to 300 lbs dry

weight from up to 300 feet below the surface.

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Starfish is 18 inches (46cm) across from thruster to thruster, 27 inches (68.5cm) long with Grapple Claw installed and weighing only 8.4lbs (3.8kg).  You can order Starfish with a 150 ft or 300 ft umbilical.  All systems come with hand controller and instruction booklet.  Units ship in about 10 business days. To order your unit press the Paypal link  below or visit our Online Store here Shopify
Starfish Complete with 150 ft umbilical and hand controller. $ 2,995 USD plus shipping & handling
Starfish Complete with 300 ft umbilical and hand controller. $3,195 USD plus shipping & handling
Click Paypal button above to order
Click Paypal button above to order
Starfish Starfish